Nintendo Brings Back Pokemon Red and Blue to Beat Xbox and PlayStation

Nintendo Brings Back Pokemon Red and Blue to Beat Xbox and PlayStation Clapway

1996 was an incredibly important year for Nintendo because it marked the beginning of an era with Pokemon. The Xbox and Playstation couldn’t measure up to its success. 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon Red and Blue titles.

Nintendo Releases 3DS Bundle with Pokemon Red and Blue

Pokemon will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in more than one way. To start, Nintendo Company announced the release of a Super Bowl ad on February 7. There are no details on what it will show. But it’s certainly going to be about the world’s favorite pocket monsters and encourage them to ‘train on’.

On February 27, Nintendo will release a special 3DS bundle. It will feature a themed gaming console with either Red or Blue, and come with the chosen theme game pre-installed. The games will also be sold separately on the 3DS e-shop. The console’s menu theme will be specially customized with the theme of the game chosen as well.

Great Promotions Come to North America And Japan

Fans thought this promotion would only be available in Japan, but it has effectively been announced to hit North America. This is only the second time this happens after Nintendo brought over an Animal Crossing themed 3DS bundle in the summer of 2015. Japan will also have the option of choosing themed 2DS featuring the Red, Blue Green and Pikachu/Yellow of the game series. This will go live on February 27 as well.

Other promotions are lined up for 2016 courtesy of this franchise. There will be some limited edition amiibos coming back. These may include Charizard, Jigglypuff, Greninja and Lucario. There will also be an expansion released for the Pokemon trading card game. This game will launch at the end of February. Pokemon will also host the release of 12 Pokemon animated films on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

Can Xbox and Playstation Mess with Pokemon?

Pokemon is one of the most beloved franchises in history. It spans across many different platforms and has brought millions of people together. Nintendo may have had a bad slump since the release of the Wii U, but it is definitely making a comeback.

Not only is Nintendo releasing more goodies and the anticipated VR game Pokemon Go, but it is also releasing Pokken Tournament on Wii U. By the end of the decade, the Japanese game maker will also have released a brand new console. It looks like it’ll be a great few years for Nintendo, regardless of what goes on with the Xbox or PlayStation.

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