Dolfi Will Put Walmart and Costco Appliances Off the Market

Dolfi Will Put Walmart and Costco Appliances Off the Market Clapway

A new project out of Germany is going to put every washing machine sold at Walmart and Costco off the market. The Dolfi washer uses ultrasound to make laundry easier and cleaner.

Dolfi Clapway

Dolfi Washer Is Quiet, Clean and Efficient

Clothes, in general, are at great risk of damage because of machine washing. Dolfi uses the power of clean energy to be perfectly gentle on your fabrics, but lethal on dirt. The device uses ultrasound to clean clothes from the inside out without loud movement, without needing motion, and without any damage whatsoever.

This is perfect for traveling. Most people can’t carry a washing machine when they go abroad, can they? Well, Dolfi brings a solution to that problem. There is no longer need for coin laundry or laundry service at hotels. All you need is a large sink or a tub and Dolfi!

Never Buy a Washer from Walmart or Costco Again

The device is about the size of your average smartphone, maybe a tinge bigger. It’s tiny, but it packs a mean punch. Dolfi uses 80 times less energy than your average washing machine, which is great for the environment and your wallet. The Dolfi device saves you extra cash from dry cleaning, overweight charges because of extra clothing and eliminates the need for laundry services.

The process is simple. Just dump your soiled clothes in a container full of water, add detergent and Dolfi and that’s it! The device takes about the same amount of time as a regular washer (30-40 minutes) to wash your clothes. With this, you will never have to worry about damage to your clothes ever again, even delicate lace or silk is perfectly safe!

The device will glow in blue hues as it cleans. This means that there are ultrasound vibrations in the water. After 30 to 40 minutes, the clothes are fresh, clean and ready to dry! The Dolfi doesn’t feature a drying feature (yet), but hanging your clothes to dry is all you need to do beyond this point.

If you need to run out the door while it’s washing, no worries. Dolfi actually cleans more the longer you leave it with your clothes, and you can get optimal results.

How Does Ultrasound Technology Work?

Ultrasound technology has been used in the industry and medical field for ages. Dental equipment, surgical instruments, glasses and jewellery are all often washed with ultrasound. It removes oil and grease from motors and car parts efficiently and effectively. So, why not try it on clothes?

The technology stems from MPI Ultrasonics, a Swiss company that has been developing ultrasound tech for more than 25 years. The device was tested in their labs. Dolfi’s multi-frequency transducer creates progressive sound waves that make tiny bubbles. They implode, creating micro-jet liquid streams that wash away all dirt from fabric.

Forget to buy washers from Walmart or Costco! Though you may still need a drying machine.