Five Most Amazing Ways to Die in Minecraft

Five most amazing ways to die in Minecraft Clapway

There are certainly many ways to die in Minecraft, and many of those deaths are amazing. Here are the five most amazing ways to die in Minecraft.

There are Five Most Amazing Ways to Die in Minecraft


The Ghast is a huge floating mob that hangs around The Nether. There are many in the game and they look very cuddly and cute. The problem is that they are more viscous than they look. They will instantly go from cute to deadly when they start chucking fireballs at you. Also, that voice is just pure evil!


This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it will kill a lot of people. This is particularity evident for gamers who are new to the game because they are not cautious enough. Don’t try to escape the TNT either because you will find it everywhere. This is a beautiful way to kill a noob!


If Minecraft answered one thing for all gamers it is that they still can not breathe underwater. This is not Super Mario Bros and you can not breathe underwater. If you happen to be underwater for too long, your breath meter will eventually run out and you will die an epic death.


Just as you can not breathe underwater in Minecraft, you can also not fly. No, you are not Superman in this game and if you fall from a building from a certain height, you will die. So, be careful when you want to climb a huge building that you do not slip and fall because you will see the death screen.

Minecraft Clapway


Let me say one thing, screw this boss! The Enderdragon will kill you, and trust me he will enjoy doing it. Special conditions need to be achieved to face this dragon, and when you do be prepared to have nightmares. His flame breath is absolutely ridiculous, he has an amazing amount of health, and he can regenerate his health by Ender crystals.