Purple is Better than Any Mattress at Macy’s, Walmart or Costco

Purple is Better than Any Mattress at Macy’s, Walmart or Costco Clapway

A new project out of Alpine, Utah, will eliminate the need for you to ever go into the mattress section at Macy’s, Costco or Walmart. Purple is a polymer that is super flexible but also sturdy, and it has brought in the best mattress you’ve ever heard of.

Matress Purple Clapway Purple is Better than Any Mattress at Macy’s, Walmart or Costco

The Purple mattress is durable, and will never develop a body impression. However, it still remains as soft and comfortable as a memory foam mattress. Unlike memory foam mattresses, though, it’s temperature neutral, responsive and hypoallergenic!

How Does the Technology Work?

The technology behind the mattress is designed to accommodate pressure-sensitive areas. This would include your hips and shoulders while still supporting your back and legs. This is regardless of where you are on the mattress. Purple almost recognizes where you are and acts accordingly. All of this happens while still keeping a steady flow of air within, so you won’t be scalding as you shift in bed.

If your partner gets home while you’re sleeping or napping, you might not feel them get under the covers, although it’s still responsive enough for any couple activity. It’s a great mattress that is fit for everyone. In fact, people need mattresses like Purple.

Why Do We Need Purple When We Can Get High-Quality Mattresses from Macy’s, Walmart and Costco?

Sleep is one of the most important daily activities in our lives. People are at high risk of stress, anxiety, fatigue and countless other illnesses just because of poor sleep. Some people are drawn to sleep aids and other more dangerous pharmaceuticals to sleep right, and even then it may not work. Purple is the best mattress for pressure relief and support on the market, and it won’t cost you $3000, like a ‘high-quality’ mattress from Macy’s, Costco or Walmart would.

A New Way to Mattress

If you sleep better, you perform better at work or at school, so you get better grades or make more money and you’re healthier. Good health and alertness are necessary, and Purple is your one-stop for just that! This campaign will revolutionize the way manufacturers make mattresses and the way people buy them (because let’s face it, going mattress shopping is a lot of fun).