This New Tiny Printer Prints Apple Live Photos, Vines and GIFs

This New Tiny Printer Prints Apple Live Photos, Vines and GIFs Clapway

LIfePrint is an app developed in Los Angeles that works as a social printer network that can print your Apple Live Photos, Vines and GIFs. The portable printer can create augmented reality pictures straight from your Apple or Android device.

Live Photos Can Now Be Printed Clapway

Apple Live Photos Can Now Be Printed

The device works through Augmented Reality HyperPhoto technology to bring photographs to life. These pictures can be shared through LifePrint printers, which can be scattered around anywhere and get accessed through any Android or Apple device.

Print Out Your Favorite Vines and GIFs

Augmented reality is a real trend out there. With new AR technology coming out of video game giants like Sony PlayStation and Nintendo. With this kind of device already out there, we could print out virtual reality pictures that bring us brand new experiences.

Media is changing quickly and at a pace that is hard to follow. Giants like Facebook are developing virtual and augmented reality technology, and they could dip their hands into this technology as well. The LifePrint printer has the honor of being the first company to print out a Vine for the very first time.

Instagram images can also be printed and screenshot, shareable directly from the LifePrint app. They’re the only handlers of this technology, which literally revolutionizes the way people see pictures. They can bring a still image straight to life. It secretly puts in a video in the picture and loops it through the LifePrint app.

Printing a HyperPhot will make a small watermark on the picture to tell users that it is an AR image. The app also doubles as a social networking site, where pictures can get liked, commented on and favorited.

In fact, the LifePrint platform pulls pictures and video from users’ GoPro seamlessly. Now people who GoPros don’t need to download or upload any files to make augmented reality images. For the people who are looking for real thrills and bring their LifePrints with them, the company is offering ruggedized cases. This amazing technology is the first to support and print Apple Live Photos, and it has amazing potential to hit the consumer market and sell out.