Apple is Making A Street View Like Google – Will Waze Join?

Apple is Making A Street View Like Google - Will Waze Join Clapway

Reports suggest that Apple has released cars that are capturing what could be footage for an Apple Street View, much like Google’s. Will Waze, also owned by Google, join and make their own or use Google Maps’s?

Maps Might Be Introducing Interactive Street View

It looks like iOS Maps is finally getting an upgrade. After lagging behind Google Maps for quite a long time, the Cupertino-based company is bringing in bigger guns. People have been spotting what they call Apple Maps vehicles that blur license plates and face. As Google Maps cars have been seen to do the same, people are suspecting an Apple Maps street view feature.

Maps have gained back a lot of popularity on the iPhone, which has gotten many added features. Street View could be a game changer. The sighting of these cars suggests that the company will be taking footage of major cities such as London, Paris and the majority of the state of California. There could also be footage of New York, between January 4 and January 14.

Apple Cars Could Be Doing Something Else Entirely

iOS Maps is also known for having a 3D scale version of their platform, so this could also be used for that. The flyover feature also made Maps a tad more popular, especially for their 3D versions of historic buildings. These include Parliament in London, the Empire State Building in New York City.

A Street View-like feature could be greatly beneficial. Google currently has peaceful competition, but it’s competition all the same. For example, Google is reportedly paying Apple up to $1 billion to remain as Safari’s default search engine.

Waze and Google Maps Have Prevented the Mass Success of Apple Maps

Waze uses map editing technology courtesy of users and developers. They haven’t made any announcements regarding street view features. However, Waze is actively working together with Lyft in order to pick up customers faster than Uber. Waze, also Google-owned, is growing steadily. Both platforms have given Maps a hard time. If Apple is really working on a Street View, it could put it on top of the game and not just for the Apple iPhone.

Apple is Making A Street View Like Google - Will Waze Join Clapway