This Gadget is a Medical Apple Watch or Android Wear

This Gadget is a Medical Apple Watch or Android Wear Clapway

The Apple Watch and Android Wear devices are all the hype. A new project out of Maine brings a new way for parents and the elderly to monitor body temperature. The Check-My-Temp is a thermometer that sends real-time information of the body temperature of you and your loved ones.

Wearable Thermometer Clapway

Monitoring A Baby’s Fever Is Now Easier Thanks to Check-My-Temp

This thermometer is connected to an app that sends alerts and updates on the temperature of babies of the elderly. This thermometer even tells you if they’re asleep from anywhere and anytime. The app records fever history and lets you track symptoms and any medications being taken. It basically makes a medical profile for you.

The fever history can be handed to the doctor’s for examination, and can even connect to other users to each other to form a whole community. The Check-My-Temp is a wearable thermometer that can be worn on the arm. It sends real-time measurements to a phone or tablet through an app.

For adults and the elderly, the gadget makes people looking after the elderly feel safer if they have to step away from sick adults or the elder. The device can even detect if the wearers fall, all the time sending alerts whenever needed.

Wearables Are Changing Fast thanks to Apple Watch and Android Wear Devices

Wearables are becoming smarter and better. Though the trendiest devices are the Apple Watch, Android Wear devices, and items like the Google Glass, this is the kind of technology people need. This kind of device will lift the weight off of parents and pediatricians’ shoulders.

The Medical Field Benefits Hugely from Wearable Technology

Technology is incredibly helpful to the medical field. Devices like fitness trackers are becoming increasingly popular. From this campaign, a whole new string of wearables could come out. They can probably become available at a more affordable price than devices available right now. This is another time when crowdfunding shows its true potential. Crowdfunding websites are becoming trendier by the hour, and in the best way possible.

Medical wearables are quickly becoming better. Hopefully, this medical device can make it to the consumer market and bring more advanced and similar devices can be made.