Facebook Coming After Twitter, Google is Just Watching

How Social Media Is Altering The Way People Do Business

Facebook wowed Wall Street once again with the report of their fourth quarter earnings. The company’s COO announced that the company is investing in Twitter’s specialty: real-time sharing. Google is still out of the social networking game.

Facebook Releases Sports Stadium, What’s Next?

Twitter is best known for allowing for the best real-time sharing feature. In order to take away from that bang, Facebook released the Sports Stadium. In this hub, sports fans can watch live events like the Super Bowl and live-post their reactions.

The Sports Stadium will also feature posts from experts, live scores, play-by-plays and more. This is a direct hit on the text-based platform, which is the number one place for this kind of sharing. According to the COO, they’re looking to turn Facebook into something more like Twitter by featuring a live hall where people can share on the spot.

Mark Zuckerberg Could Buy Twitter If He Wanted

The company hit 1.59 billion active users in December of 2015 while Twitter holds 320 million MAUs. If Facebook comes to penetrate their territory, the company could be in serious trouble.

The company’s revenue hit $5.8 billion for Q4, a far cry from the $3.6 billion analysts predicted. Mobile has been a weak point of the company, but in the last quarter, 80% of ad revenue came from mobile. The whole year, Facebook gained $18 billion overall.

Twitter Hasn’t Had Significant Growth Rate, Google Isn’t Even in the Game

The company is losing stock quickly and steeply. Zuckerberg did not reference their rivalry with Twitter, but comparisons are natural. The CEO did say that Facebook gained 200 more monthly active users in 2015, which helped it hit the 1.59 billion mark. With only a little over 320 million users, the time-sharing app really needs to catch up.

Google, on the other hand, isn’t even in the social networking race. They’ve invested some more on spreading GChat to become as accessible as Skype instead.

Meanwhile, Twitter Leads Political Movements

Twitter has led political movements across the board. Recently, the platform was the home to the #OscarsSoWhite movement. It raises awareness to the fact that the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences did not include minority members in the major category nominees.

Just today, the company was home to a huge explosion after it was announced that Joseph Fiennes, a white British actor, would be playing Michael Jackson in a British 9/11 ensemble comedy. If Facebook takes even this away from Twitter, then Facebook will be taking over every aspect of people’s social networking laugh.

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