Top Three Worst Restaurants on Yelp

Top 3 Worst Restaurants on Yelp Clapway

When you need to know if a restaurant is worth your time, then you should head on over to Yelp. On their website, you will find many reviews on nearly every restaurant in the world. Due to how many restaurants there are, not all of them are going to be good. As a matter of fact, here are the four absolute worst restaurants that are seen on Yelp.


The only saving grace to this first restaurant is that it is not open anymore. The Copper Barrel, in New York, received some very harsh reviews on Yelp. One reviewer spoke of how they ordered a simple cheeseburger with fries. They said that the sandwich arrived in a take-out container, that the meat was not cooked to their request, that the hamburger was thin, that the cheese was wrong, that the sandwich was really soggy, and that the fries looked pre-purchased.


The Worth Cafe, also in New York, is another restaurant that has gotten blasted on Yelp. One reviewer actually pointed out how the company should not have chosen such an easy name to make fun of. The main reason for their grief, though, was the fact that the delivery took an astonishing one hour. Not only this but they said their sandwich was squished, was practically burnt, and that it was drowning in salt. They called the experience very awful, and they advised people to stay away from this restaurant at all costs.


We come to another restaurant that has been closed down, and for good reason. One of the reviewers, who noted that he loved spicy foods, said that their food was too spicy for them. They also pointed out that the food was way too salty, and that was the only flavor they could taste. They concluded by saying they actually had to throw away more than half of their meal.

Top 3 Worst Restaurants on Yelp Clapway