New Tesla Model 3 is As Cheap As Nissan Leaf

New Tesla Model 3 is As Cheap As Nissan Leaf Clapway

Tesla is selling the Model 3 in the $30,000 range, putting it right up to par with the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Bolt. This will put Tesla in the middle-class consumer market.

Tesla Model 3 Will Be Unveiled in March 2016

According to circulating rumors, there will be 2 different versions of the Model 3. One version is a sedan, and another will be a small crossover built on the same platform. The crossover could be the Model Y that Elon Musk hinted at earlier in Twitter. Other rumors say that the crossover could be a smaller version of the Model X, with falcon wing doors. It will also probably be more expensive than the sedan.

The Tesla Model is in the Same Price Range as Nissan Leaf and Chevy Bolt

The car will be in the $35,000 range without federal subsidies. This puts it right in league with the Chevy Bolt and the Nissan Leaf. The base model is expected to be a 2WD version, but upgrades to a 4WD will probably kick pricing up by $3,000 or $4,000. This is a case for the $5,000 premium on the Model S.

The car is expected to beat GM range with the same amount of battery. That would but the Model 3 at a 240-mile range with lower drag and a lighter aluminium body. The motors and regeneration are expected to be more efficient. Tesla will likely offer a long-range battery, which could go as high as 80kWh or even 90kWh.

Tesla Will Likely Follow the Same Pattern for the Model 3 Sales/Shipping

Tesla will likely offer superchargers for a fee as it does for the Model S and X. The cabin size of the Model 3 could be bigger on the crossover, possibly featuring even a third row of seats. The car’s dashboard could feature a less expensive infotainment system though it’ll still have 1080p resolution and cool compatibility options.

Seeing Tesla’s usual pattern, the high-end version of the Model 3 will be shipping by the end of 2017.  The first cars to ship out will likely be the higher end version, to the first few reservations. The base models will be shipped out later, and will hit roads in 2018. This model will bring in some cash from a wider audience, introducing the luxury of Tesla’s classic features in a more accessible build and price.

New Tesla Model 3 is As Cheap As Nissan Leaf Clapway