Microsoft Upgrades DropBox to Compete with Google Drive

Microsoft Upgrades DropBox to Compete with Google Drive Clapway

Microsoft Corporation announced that they would add a new integration with a partner cloud storage provider. This brings Dropbox even closer to competing with Google’s Google Drive.

Now Two or More People Can Edit Dropbox Files At Once

Dropbox first partnered up with Microsoft in 2014, and this is a great follow up to that collaboration. Anyone using Microsoft Box, Dropbox, Citrix ShareFile and Egnyte can get live-edited by more than one person.

This feature was only available for OneDrive and SharePoint, exclusive to Microsoft users. This new update also allows users to edit work from Word, Excel and Powerpoint without moving between apps. Even iOS Office users get a slice of the fun. This makes working on a cloud seamless even from different OS systems.

The corporation also announced that soon, people who use can attach Box files, Dropbox, and OneDrive files as well. Much like Google Drive does, it’ll allow for attachments or as cloud-based links.

Is This A Move to Compete With Google and Google Drive?

This new update makes Office more seamless to use. It’s interesting to highlight that the update was made available for iOS users. Since MacBooks don’t come with Microsoft Office as a default, a lot of users opt for Google Drive and Google Apps for Work as a substitute. This is quite obviously a move to compete and try to gain back some users. This update can also be seen as a move to get more Office 365 subscribers.

Microsoft is Triumphant in the Cloud World

This is also a great step forward in terms of cloud services for Microsoft. Many businesses work on Windows or Windows 10 platforms. The corporation is a pioneer in terms of cloud development. Bringing together all of their MS Office services with their partners makes their services even more attractive. This update makes the experience seamless and accessible from anywhere.

2016 is going to be a huge year for Microsoft. They’re planning to go all out in cloud services. They’re looking to improve their Yammer server, which is similar to SharePoint to store company data. SharePoint shut down on September 15 to be fully replaced with Yammer this year. The company might actually give Google Drive a run for their money.

Microsoft Upgrades DropBox to Compete with Google Drive Clapway