Xbox Gets More Social than Facebook and Twitter

Xbox Gets More Social than Facebook and Twitter Clapway

There’s a new update coming for the Xbox Live app for Windows 10 phones and computers. The latest features make the console as social as Facebook and Twitter.

Xbox Live Community Gets Even Livelier

The Xbox Beta app was first released in September 2015 for Windows 10, and, later on, was released to the public. The new update solves some performance issues and introduced social widgets, like Facebook friend finder.

The highlights of the latest update include the Avatar Store. This store can be accessed through the Avatars app, which allows users access to exclusive old and new items, even free ones. Microsoft is also introducing News, which gives users all the news info they’ll need. It pulls up news posts according to the user’s preferences. It also features news about the news and tournaments in the most popular franchises like the Halo Wolrd Championship. In January, Xbox News is coming to the Xbox One Preview crowds.

The Updates

The ‘Trending’ tab has also been updated. The tab has new access points to make trends more accessible. It filters the most popular topics with new popular videos, screenshots, and achievements. Suggested friends have been updated as well so that people can see details on friend suggestions. The console’s activity feed has also been improved, now incorporating Trending topics onto the screen and friend suggestions.

Xbox Has Become Its Own Social Networking Site – Like Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are the monarchs of social networking – but they don’t have too much public with video games. Facebook hosts many Mod groups and collaboration groups, but it always shifts to Xbox Live when it comes to actual gaming.

Now that the console is becoming more social, it’s possible it will launch its own platform to keep gamers connected outside of the gaming console. This is probably one more way for the Xbox to compete with the PlayStation, which still holds records for being the best selling gaming console. 2016 will be an important year for the console since Sony is releasing the Oculus Rift. The VR headset will likely be compatible with many games that will be released this year, and it could bring Microsoft and their console serious problems.

Xbox Gets More Social than Facebook and Twitter Clapway