3 Reasons That Prove Yahoo is a Thing of the Past

3 Reasons That Prove Yahoo is a Thing of the Past Clapway

Does anyone remember when Yahoo was the place to go?

It seems like such a long time ago when people were actually excited to be using them. Boy, have things changed for them and changed for the worse. They have become a thing of the past, and here is why:

3 Reasons That Prove Yahoo is a Thing of the Past Clapway


Over the last several years, Yahoo has been struggling to keep up with their competitors. As a matter of fact, Emarketer Inc. projected that the stock share for them would diminish to only 3.5 percent in 2017. This is down from 5.1 percent in 2014, and that is a significant drop. Also, many analysts are predicting that they will see their revenue fall by 8.2 percent in the coming year. They are clearly trending in the wrong direction, and it may take a lot to get them back.


Many have voiced out on the frustrations with Yahoo. Starboard Value LP was noted as saying that significant changes needed to be made with the company, and that included a sale of their internet business. They also pointed out how many investors have lost faith in Yahoo. Canyon Capital Advisors agreed with Starboard, and they also said that they need to focus on the sale of assets.


This last reason is one of the biggest, and it is that Google and Facebook exist. Let’s be honest, for those of us who used Yahoo we have now switched to either Facebook or Google. Those two companies have become way better than Yahoo. It really is a shame, but it is something that needs to be realized. Maybe this will change if the company decides to listen to some of their critics, but only time will tell. As of right now, as long as Google and Facebook have a pulse, then Yahoo is going to have to get better.