Train Your Brain For Unknown Stress And Anxiety

Train Your Brain For Unknown Stress And Anxiety Clapway

Have you ever taken a moment to wonder how these high performing individuals are able to manage hectic schedules and still seem to have fun while at it? Well, they have learnt to manage stress and anxiety. Stress is one of the main things that causes a lot of people to deliver poorly when it comes to their work and hence productivity. In most cases, one has too much on their plate that they end up not doing what it is that they had planned to at the start of each day. When this occurs, a lot of stress and anxiety results, further compounding the problem. The good news is that you can train the brain to handle the stress and anxiety positively and this should result in increased productivity.

Train Your Brain For Unknown Stress And Anxiety Clapway

According to emerging research, there is a new treatment that can be used in treatment of stress and anxiety disorders in the brain. This treatment is referred to as neurofeedback and has been touted to be the savior when it comes to real-time treatments. Since a lot of patients have been shown to be unresponsive to antidepressants and brain enhancing supplements, there was need for an alternative method to treat anxiety of the brain. A good example is a study carried out on the use of the drug citalopram on well over 3000 patients using it. Only a third of the patients were able to achieve remission from depression after 14 weeks of use.

The mechanism fronted by neurofeedback is aimed at being more precise than the available therapies. As such, it goes to target the dysfunction in the cognitive and emotional processes in the brain. These are the areas that underlie the various mention psychiatric disorders. It is hoped that treatments can be personalized to address the various challenges in the brain, seeing that each patient has their own unique set of problems. Neurofeedback also studies phobia, traumatic brain injury, obsessive compulsive behavior as well as other brain illnesses. Neurofeedback eliminates the need for brain enhancing supplements and medication.

There are other ways in which the brain can be trained to release feel good hormones so that one can stay relaxed and calm.

One way is by engaging in calm and relaxing activities, these help wire the brain to be calm and relaxed as opposed to the normal day to day demands that stress one out. Having a ritual of winding down also helps a great deal.

Another way to train your brain is to engage in meditation. Meditation allows one to slow down all the activities going on in and around them and find peace and serenity within themselves. In so doing, it becomes much easier to notice when your internal balance is off and to react accordingly. Focusing on the now allows a person to be more present and be sharp at mind.

Another way to stay safe is keep off anxiety.

In most cases, the body will tend to over estimate a given threat. When anxiety is well managed, we tend to be more alert in the now and fully focused.  If threats are overestimated, we will find ourselves worrying too much, thus having too much stress. To get to this level, one should start by trying to remember a time that they truly felt strong, like they could cope with anything thrown at them. The next step is to list the various resources that can help them deal with the uncertainties of life. Next, try to meditate on how good it feels to be strong and safe. This good feeling helps the body come out with renewed energy and focus going into the future.

Letting go is another strategy that works well as opposed to the brain enhancing supplements that may be recommended by a doctor.

Most times, we tend to hang on to the negatives in life. Let go of resentment, regret, pain and unrealistic expectations we may have had in the past. Letting go allows one to be strong and gives one renewed energy to move on to better. Letting go can start off from something simple as saying goodbye to a friend, taking out the trash, donating some of your old stuff to charity, or just plain sending that email you have been procrastinating. Letting go helps one appreciate the past for what it was and move forward to the future with renewed focus. Simple ways of letting go is writing a letter of how you are feeling and talking out aloud. This release of negative feelings allows the body to move on to positivity with renewed focus.