2 Reasons That Prove Super Bowl is Contagious

2 Reasons That Prove Super Bowl is Contagious Clapway

It is that time of the year again football fans! The Super Bowl is finally here, and the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will battle for the Lombardi Trophy. While this game appears to be a mismatch, given the fact that Carolina has destroyed everyone in their path, the fans around the world are still excited about the game. Even if your team is not in the Super Bowl, it is still fun to watch, and it is becoming contagious!

2 Reasons That Prove Super Bowl is Contagious Clapway


Challenger, Gray, and Christmas, a firm, has estimated that American business will lose around $850 million during the week of the Super Bowl. This is a completely staggering number and it proves that even if you’re not a football fan, you can enjoy the Super Bowl. As a matter of fact, many people only watch the game so they can see all of the commercials. Also, some only view it to watch the halftime show. You will still have your die hard football fans that will watch the big game, but many are watching for other factors. The week leading up to the game is always chaotic, and many employees will be looking up information and placing bets on the Super Bowl. This week must drive businesses crazy, but there is nothing they can do about it.


This reason is mainly for the employees whose team is in the Super Bowl. During this week, fans will want to show their appreciation to their teams and where there gear. This means that employers must implement an appropriate dress code, and notify their employees if it is OK for them to wear jerseys and their team colors. The fact that businesses would even consider letting their employees do this proves that the Super Bowl is larger than life! Get ready football fans because the big game is almost here.