3 Reasons Why Google Self-Driving Cars are Our Future

3 Reasons Why Google Self-Driving Cars are Our Future Clapway

Google has dipped their hands into anything that you can imagine, and self-driving cars are no exception.

The future of automobiles is autonomous driving, and that is something that everyone needs to realize. Many companies have started to work with this kind of technology, and Google has as well.

3 Reasons Why Google Self-Driving Cars are Our Future Clapway


Google is going to make self-driving cars the future, and one of the biggest reasons is because they have already started. A couple of days ago, the company announced that they were working on a self-driving car program and that it was simulating three million miles of driving every day. Not only this but Google also stated that ever since 2009, there 55 self-driving cars have driven over 1.4 million miles on the road, and this number should only continue to rise.


Google is not taking this program too lightly, and they have implemented a simulator that is teaching their self-driving cars on how to react to dangerous situations. Teaching them how to drive in normal circumstances is not the problem. The problem is those rare occurrences where the software needs to know how to react to a dangerous situation. Google realizes that if anyone is ever going to be safe in this type of vehicle, the vehicle needs to be ready for all situations.


Technology is always changing and adapting to the new era, and self-driving cars are the new technology. Every single time we think that a piece of technology is not going to be topped, companies end up topping it. Google is going to make their self-driving cars the future because soon the future will be self-driving cars. Also, Tesla, another illustrious company, has actually notified people that they should have their cars driving themselves within the coming years. This change is happening people, and we need to know that it is the future.