Here Is Why the MSI Laptops Are Better than the Macbook Air

Here is Why the MSI Laptops are better than the Macbook Air Clapway

Apple users have been complaining about the decline in quality products for quite some time now. As a Macbook Air comes close to $1,500, consumers aren’t exactly flocking to stores when there are alternative options emerging. Among these options is MSI. These laptops are popular amongst gamers, but some aspects of their lineup showcase some wonderful options for the more casual user.

Here is Why the MSI Laptops are better than the Macbook Air Clapway


One obvious benefit of having a Macbook Air is portability. It is one of the sleekest and most lightweight options on the market, but not necessarily the only one.  The MSI Ghost Pro brings power and portability to users. It shows that one doesn’t have to sacrifice size for functionality.  The company claims this gaming notebook is the thinnest and lightest on the market. Weighing in at four pounds, this device boasts 16GB of RAM, an Intel Core i7 processor, 1 TB HDD storage and much more.


Say you don’t like your Macbook Air, well, unfortunately, there’s only a handful of other options Apple offers in terms of notebooks. With MSI, their wide of products make for a uniquely customizable experience. If the Ghost Pro isn’t what you’re after, the GS72 Stealth is a viable alternative. A little bigger in size, a little lower in price but with the same general philosophy to the Ghost Pro. For those looking for a notebook that carries a more professional display, the  PX60 delivers a stunning appearance without the lack of power under the hood.


Like that popular girl in school, the Macbook Air has always gotten away with looking good and getting around easily. There is no question that MSI always blew the Macbook Air out of the water when it came to specs, but for the most part, non-gamers didn’t need that much muscle. The casual notebook user just wants something that’s easy to carry around, looks good and functions well. Competitors of Apple have picked up on this and have begun releasing sleek and sexy products, but once that ultimately outperform their Apple counterpart. Add the reduced price tag to the mix, and it’s not much of a fight.