Get Rid Of Smoker Lines: Tighten Your Upper Lip Skin with These Tips

Get Rid Of Smoker Lines: Tighten Your Upper Lip Skin with These Tips Clapway

Perioral wrinkles are the general name given to the deep smoker lines in the upper lips around the mouth. Mostly these wrinkles are as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun, aging, and loss of skin water. This condition is believed to be accelerated by genetics for some people. The other major cause of lines on the upper lips is smoking. In this case, they are called smoker lines. Smoker lines are a major turn off, and many people have a problem finding the perfect way to deal with them. This is a problem that causes reduced self-confidence and lack of a good relationship with people. However, there is a well tested and proven way of dealing with smoker lines to achieve a tight skin around the upper lips. You have a choice between the available surgical processes to get rid of smoker lines or the non-surgical process that helps to attain a younger skin free of deep lines.

Get Rid Of Smoker Lines: Tighten Your Upper Lip Skin with These Tips Clapway

Botox Injection

Smoker lines are mostly seen when making movements in the face like when we are chewing or talking. This is caused by muscles and cells contraction leading to sagging skin. This will show signs of aging and formation of wrinkles and fine lines that will be more visible when we move. Muscle contraction is common in smokers because of the increased loss of water from both cells and muscles. This can be corrected by Botox injection which works on the cells and muscles reducing muscle contractions. The Botox injection will also correct the smoker lines by rejuvenating the skin and making it tight. This reduces the formation of smoker lines after movements around the face and mouth. After an injection, it is advisable to avoid rubbing around the lips to prevent the spread of the treatment to other parts of the face.

Use of lip wrinkle creams

It is dreading to go through surgery just to correct or get rid of smoker lines. Many people will prefer the easier and cheaper correction using creams to correct the wrinkles. Many creams are available over the counter in cosmetic stalls around the world. The creams help to increase the production of collagen that aids in getting rid of the smoker lines. These creams reduce water loss from the skin cells and help keep the cell turgid and prevent the formation of sagging skin. Upper lip wrinkles can be corrected by using lip wrinkle creams properly.

Exfoliate your skin using home remedies

The primary cause of sagging skin and smoker lines on the lips is dead skin. It is, therefore, important to exfoliate the skin around the mouth more often to get rid of the dead skin. You can apply the remedy on your face and especially in the areas around the mouth. Use a toothbrush to scrub the face so as to remove the dead skin. After you have exfoliated, apply some moisturizer to the skin. This helps relax the skin and cells so as to achieve a shaped face with reduced hanging and sagging skin, especially around the upper lips. Exfoliation removes the dead skin and leaves new tissues that are tight and bright. This reduces the smoker and fault lines on the upper lips. However, it is advisable to do the exfoliation sparingly. Excessive exfoliation may over expose your skin which may increase the chances of creating wrinkles and smoker lines.

Remove of smoker lines using laser treatment

Carbon dioxide laser is common and has been in use for a very long time to correct deep lines and reduce aging signs in the face. The laser is used to heat the layers of the skin. The heat is essential in stimulating the production of collagen. The new collagen works to regain skin tightness and reduce the formation of smoker lines on the upper lips. The collagen also helps to achieve a smooth face in tone and surface. Laser treatment is very common, and many people prefer it because of the enhanced results and significant advantages.

Use of fillers

Smoking leads to the creation of vertical lines and faults as a result of the loose skin caused by shrinking cells and muscles. However, with the use of facial fillers, you can rejuvenate the muscles and cells and attain a youthful skin. The fillers make the cells and muscles retain water and remain turgid. This helps the face to maintain the shape and prevent the formation of contours. Where the contours have already been formed, the fillers contribute to correct shape by growing new cells. This helps in getting rid of upper lip wrinkles. However, this is not a DIY procedure and requires some expertise. You should, therefore, consider visiting your physician for advice. The physician will decide if it is necessary to administer the filler.


Do not let the deep lines and smoker lines on your face affect your life. Try some of these tips and you will enjoy life more.