NASA is Gearing Up for Space Travel: Earth, Venus, Mars and Jupiter

NASA is Gearing Up for Space Travel: Earth, Venus, Mars and Jupiter Clapway

In a recent showing of marketing genius, NASA has released a series of free space travel posters. With a unique design, the posters seem to portray the exploration of these planets as the ultimate holiday getaway. Included in the series are Earth, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and a handful of other moons and planets.

NASA is Gearing Up for Space Travel: Earth, Venus, Mars and Jupiter Clapway


These posters represent more than just some fancy artistic flair for NASA, they are a symbol of what is to come. The appropriately titled “Visions of the Future” series is both visually stunning and conceptually inspiring. Having the world see these posters puts a unique kind of imagery in their heads. No longer are Venus, Mars and Jupiter some foreign rocks out in the astral reaches, but they are now destinations. Places that they may someday visit. Leaving Earth has only every been a possibility for astronauts, but these posters make the dream realistic for the average citizen and inspire the concept for future generations of space explorers.


Think about lying on Mars, soaking in the intense rays as a red, sandstorm blows around you. Imagine floating in the gaseous clouds of Jupiter, coughing and gasping for air. What about hiking the terrestrial landscape as you burn to death on Venus? Well, none of that seems particularly tempting, but that isn’t necessarily the point here for NASA. The goal isn’t to put a Hilton on Mars, Venus or Jupiter, but to provoke and encourage the ideas of space travel. Since the majority of people are not rocket scientists, it makes sense to promote exploration through an accessible medium. NASA took a page out of Don Draper’s book and decided that space can, in fact, be marketable.


Terrific question. One can understand why Mars, Venus and Jupiter are subjects of advertising here, but why NASA is promoting space travel to Earth doesn’t really make much sense. We’re already here, we know what it’s like. The convincing isn’t necessary. Human’s fully grasped the beauty of the Grand Canyon and the atrocity that is Flint, Michigan. What we don’t understand is our solar system. Any chance we can get to comprehend those mysterious corners of the unknown is something that excites us all. Perhaps it is because Earth is familiar to us. Having something familiar is comforting. Earth can act as our foundation. We will always need something to come back to after our cosmic holidays, something where are values are grounded and everything makes sense again. Except for Flint. That place will never make sense.