SEO Something Extremely Ordinary

SEO Something Extremely Ordinary Clapway

Discovering SEO through the back door

I started blogging as a way to motivate a talented student to publish her work. I opened Blogger and created I entered the blogging world through the back door. It was when I started blogging for in the fall that I discovered the SEO.

SEO Something Extremely Ordinary Clapway

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It makes your blog an easy find for search engines. It is a formulaic approach to steer people toward your blog. As I write this article, for example, I know to repeat SEO as many times as possible so that it will catch the search engine’s eye. I have already blocked text, used a heading with a keyword and used an outside source, so when I run this piece through the SEO, it should be pleased although it rarely is. I am writing this article for the SEO, obeying all of its rules until it gives me a nod of approval.

Keyword Phrases

It might be best to repeat “what is an SEO” as frequently as possible because the people reading my information would be likely to type this for a search. For example, if I type in “what is an SEO” here, is most likely that a search engine will find it. In fact. SEO Writing for Dummies just informed me that putting the (keyword phrases) into parentheses will highlight them further. also suggests that there are ways to make your writing sound engaging despite the (keyword phrases), with which I clearly am struggling.

Stop words, punctuation and the SEO

The article says that punctuation and stop words like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘or’ do not always count in a search. For example, if you wanted to search for teaching jobs in Alabama, the “in” part of the search might be ignored. You might search “teacher, Alabama” or “Alabama, teaching.” So how do you incorporate this type of search into your blog with a keyword. This is where the stop words help. You could say, she is the best (teacher in Alabama) since the search engines will just blow over the stop word and the punctuation. Just make sure that those (keyword phrases) sound natural. Do not let them boss you around too much. The good news is that in a 300-400 word piece you only need five to seven (keyword phrases).