2 Reasons Why NASA technology is the future of Air Travel

2 Reasons Why NASA technology is the future of Air Travel Clapway

Have you ever planned a flight to go to visit someone, and then weather ends up canceling the flight? If you have then you know how frustrating this can be, but the good news is NASA is here to help. As we speak, the company is working on a software that would ease the stress levels for airlines and travelers. This system is known as Dynamic Weather Routes, and the Ames Research Center at NASA, industry developers and the Federal Aviation Administration are developing it.

They received a patent for this system last year, and there are a few reasons why it will make NASA the future of air travel.

2 Reasons Why NASA technology is the future of Air Travel Clapway


As NASA explains it, the Dynamic Weather Routes system will constantly update and compare air traffic and weather data to find alternate routes. This is planning to be done when planes are in the air, so they can stay away from the severe weather. However, the speed of the updates is what makes this system so promising. Traditionally, it will take around two hours for a teleconference to be held to fix the issue. Now, consider that this system, NASA says, will update the air traffic information every 12 seconds. This means that the DMW can account for frequent weather changes, and it will be ready for everything.


The research that was gathered for this system showed that it could save around ten minutes per flight. This may not seem like a lot of time, but once you consider how many flights happen in a year you will realize that it will save loads of time. A NASA research engineer mentioned how the current weather avoidance routes are not well tailored to the current weather. This system will make them the new king of air travel.