YouTube Makes Fun Of Google Translate

YouTube Makes Fun Of Google Translate Clapway

Have you ever wondered what happens if you put song lyrics through Google Translate? Yeah, me neither. Apparently, the results are entertaining. A YouTube user has recently put her take on Adele’s “Hello” that not only pokes fun at the entertainer but also at the technology that is translating.

YouTube Makes Fun Of Google Translate Clapway


Google Translate is far from a perfect translator. Considering the difficulties that language include, they do an alright job. One thing that seems to confuse the translating device is retranslating. The effect was made popular on YouTube. Users have had some fun retranslating song lyrics to get some weird results. This happens when translating a segment of the lyrics into one language. Then changing it back again. Strangeness follows suit.


YouTube has had a great time poking fun at Adele and her lyrics. Her lyrics were pretty much gibberish to begin with. What little theme may have been present before are now completely destroyed. All in part to due to some translation. Or lack thereof. The video has gained a large following and it truly shows how one could get creative with Google Translate. Will this be a new trend for YouTube and translation overall?


Has Adele unintentionally inspired a new genre of music? Will Google Translate still be used  for it’s adequate language translation or just become a machine gibberish production? An Italian bassist has already showed the apps versatility in a unique way. He conjoined the vocal abilities with the speaker function to form some robotic percussionist/vocalist. Most likely not what Google has intended. It has brought forth creativity nonetheless. That can surely be a benefit. This recent example from YouTube has shown the world the weird side of translating. Thanks to people with too much time on their hands, we can now use this technology for a greater purpose. As we continue to laugh at the lackluster ability of translators, we know they are constantly improving their accuracies. Cultural differences are vast though. We can always count on something to get lost in translation.