2 Reasons the Facebook Birthday Cam is an Improvement

2 Reasons the Facebook Birthday Cam is an Improvement Clapway

Facebook has always done a wonderful job of making sure that you keep up with your friends birthdays. This feature allows us to never miss our friends birthdays, and it also allows us to post on their birthday wall. However, even though this is a convenient feature, at times it became dull. Sure, you can go tell someone Happy Birthday, but does it really mean anything? This feature was becoming way too shallow, but Facebook is fixing this with their new Birthday Cam feature. Although it will lead to the same accomplishment, it takes a much more interesting approach.

 2 Reasons the Facebook Birthday Cam is an Improvement Clapway


You know the old phrase a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, I think that a video is worth a thousand pictures. This is exactly what Facebook added with their Birthday Cam feature. Launching on the iOS, this feature will allow you to record a video message up to 15 seconds long. Even if this video is as shallow as you simply saying Happy Birthday, it will still serve more of a purpose than just typing. Also, you will be able to add special birthday frames with the new Birthday Cam feature. Overall, this will feel a lot more impactful for the recipient.


Whether you want to admit or not, receiving a simple Happy Birthday message on Facebook is not very satisfying. Sure, you are not expecting people to show a ridiculous amount of excitement for your birthday, but you, at least, want to feel like the other person is saying it with sincerity. The problem is when people type, you have no idea what kind of emotion they are spewing out. This is fixed with a video, and it will replace the previous way perfectly.