2 Reasons Why People Do Sexual Things on Twitch

2 Reasons Why People Do Sexual Things on Twitch Clapway

The internet has become a gloried porn machine. Everyone is aware of this fact, and you can find it anywhere on the internet. You can even stumble upon it on the ultra-popular website, Twitch. That is right, you will find people doing some very questionable activities on Twitch. However, when you see people doing sexual things when you’re on the website there is a purpose to it. The issue is most people are going on Twitch to watch gaming material, and not half naked women shaking their boobs. This occurrence does happen from time to time, though, and here are a few reasons why.

2 Reasons Why People Do Sexual Things on Twitch Clapway


This is an obvious reason, but let’s face it men like it when women expose themselves. Come on now, every single man in the world, as long as he is straight, knows that they like this. Well, that is considering that the woman is attractive! Anyway, you know that if a Twitch user is constantly exposing themselves they are going to get more followers. This is especially true for women because men will be all over it. However, is this really a good way to gain popularity? Sure, you’re most likely going to increase your follower count, but you are also being a slut in the process.


Some people are just comfortable with acting sexy, and showing it off to the general public. Some women are proud to show off their body, and that’s why some of them pose for magazines like Playboy. However, not every woman can strike up a deal like that and they have to resort to a site like Twitch. The overall problem is that Twitch is a gaming site and this kind of content should not be found. It is not a porn site, and thus this content should not exist on the site.