How UVA Contributes to Photoaging of Skin?

How UVA Contributes to Photoaging of Skin? Clapway

UVA is the dangerous rays from the sun that has very great impact in relation to Photoaging. Your skin is the largest part of your skin hence used to protect all other body parts. Exposure to the sun has advantages and disadvantages. The early morning sun has the ability to deliver vitamin D directly to your skin and also prevent rickets in small children.

The hot scotching midday sun and afternoon sun was no benefit to the skin. However, it causes sunburns, dull skin, wrinkles and skin cancer in the long run. During summer, never leave your house without sunscreen since it will prevent your skin from any negative effect caused by the sun.

How UVA Contributes to Photoaging of Skin? Clapway

Below is all you need to know about UVA and Photoaging of your skin

  • Photo aging relates to premature aging of the skin due to too much exposure to the sun. It does not matter your age, but you are required to always take great care of your skin. This should be despite of any weather condition since there is none which is safe for your skin.
  • UVA is said to penetrate to the skin so deep such that it the damage it causes cannot be undone. In addition, to photoaging your skin is said to be at the risk of skin cancer which occurs in the long run. It also causes sagging skin, dark spots, and freckles which need fast attention from a dermatologist to prevent your skin from more harm. In case these symptoms are treated early; you will be in a position to prevent the long run problems.
  • Photoaging can be seen on the skin as early as the age of 20’s which can be known by comparison between the skin on the hands and that on the face. The face is mostly affected since it is always exposed to so many dangers. In this case, if you notice that the skin on the face is rougher than that of the hands, that’s when you know Photoaging is taking place in your skin. Do not ignore your findings rather seek immediate medical attention.
  • People with lighter skin have higher risk of Photoaging in comparison with people of dark skin. The reason to this is that the dark skinned people have high level of melanin in the skin which is not easily affected by the UVA. You find that the light skinned suffer so much while under the exposure of sun rays with the UV index of more than 3. Dark skinned people will only experience sun damage if any afterward.
    UVA will cause Photoaging despite how protected the skin is. Therefore, the best thing to do is to avoid too much exposure of the skin to the sun. An umbrella or a large hat is better than sunscreen since you can wipe away the sun screen without your knowledge. You can also use expired or false sunscreen hence exposing your skin to the sun without your knowledge. The higher the UV indexes the higher the need to protect your skin more.
  • It is possible to remain protected and safe the moment you realize that your skin is experiencing photo aging. Ensure that you wear protective clothing, use sunscreen and avoid the sun as much as possible. The best sunscreen to use must be that specified for your skin type or that recommended by a dermatologist.
  • Prevention is better that cure, hence tries all the best you can to keep your skin protected. The reason to this is that photoaging has no permanent cure but can be partially managed. There are medications that partially help you to cope with the damage caused in your skin. Dermatologists will help you with the best medication as you also continue protecting your skin. In addition, to UVA there is UVB which is not so dangerous to the skin as compared to UVA. All you need is to be keen on all the changes in your skin and take the required action.


Your skin will always thank you for the proper care you give it. Make sure that you seek help from a dermatologist in case you notice strange problem with your skin. Let your doctor prescribe medication instead of self-treatment which can add more harm to your sensitive skin. Do not use cheap sunscreen since most of them are false. Instead of them protecting your skin, they will cause more harm and expose your skin hence encouraging photo aging. You find that despite being young, you already look old due to the damage caused by the sun. Avoid too much exposure of your skin to the sun to keep your skin young and hydrated.