Coca-Cola and McDonalds Imitate Google Cardboard

Coca-Cola and McDonalds Imitate Google Cardboard Clapway

One of the most fascinating devices in the last couple of years has been the Google Cardboard. When Google decided to release this virtual reality device, the intent was to make a cheap platform so everyone could experience virtual reality. It is famous for its cardboard design, hence its name, and it is used with a smartphone. Well, it seems like both Coca-Cola and McDonalds have been paying attention to it because they have both dipped into the virtual reality world.

Coca-Cola and McDonalds Imitate Google Cardboard Clapway


This is going to sound a little familiar, but Coca-Cola has released a new design for their virtual reality device that uses folded cardboard and an inserted smartphone. However, this has not been released for mass produce. This is not the first time Coca-Cola has dove into this business, though. Back in 2014, the same year the Google Cardboard was released, at the World Cup they had fans strap on virtual reality goggles to “transport” them on the field. It seems like the new “trend” nowadays is to make a virtual reality device out of cardboard. It works, though, because customers can use it at a very low cost.


Coca-Cola has not yet released their cardboard virtual reality headset, but McDonalds has. If you didn’t know this existed it is probably because it is only available in Sweden. They, much like Google and Coca-Cola, have produced a virtual reality device that is centered around cardboard. McDonalds, however, produces theirs with Happy Meal boxes. For a limited time only, they are offering this to their customers in Sweden. They are dubbed Happy Goggles, and they are created by tearing off a specific part of the box and folding it. After that, VR lenses are inserted and then it can be used with a smartphone.