How Teens Used Social Media and Technology in 2015

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The way teenagers use technology changes as new devices, apps and social media features hit the market. According to a research conducted by Rush Essay, 26% of American teenagers are constantly online. They are connected through their smartphones and tablets, so they can instantly get all ‘important’ social media updates. Almost 60% of the teens check social media several times a day. The teenagers who save these pastime activities for the weekends are especially rare.

Why are teens practically dependent upon technology? There is only one answer to that question: they have easy access to the Internet through their smartphones, so there is practically no reason for them to stay disconnected from the online world.

How Teens Used Social Media and Technology in 2015 Clapway

Facebook Remains the Most Popular Social Media Website among Teens

Since most teenagers briefly check their social media feeds during the breaks between classes, one would assume that Twitter would prevail as the preferred network. However, Facebook still hold the reputation as the social media that American teens prefer. Although Facebook is the favorite website of this type, teenagers are still open for other options, so most of them use several platforms, including Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and Snapchat.

A survey conducted by Pew Research Center introduced similar results: Facebook is the dominant network that American teenagers prefer. One interesting piece of information from this report is that middle and upper income teenagers are more likely to use Instagram and Snapchat. There is no clear explanation for this result, but one of the possible reasons might be technology. More powerful smartphones have better cameras, which are essential tools for activity on Instagram and Snapchat. The teens from low-income families have more basic devices, which is why they lean towards Facebook and Twitter.

88% of American teens use mobile phones actively, and 73% own smartphones. This fact explains the constant growth of social media – teenagers are able to access them at any time. Desktop and laptop computers also contribute towards social media activity. Today’s students need computers for educational purposes so most of the parents make these devices available to them.

Social Media Is Part of Teen’s Lives and Education

Friendships evolve in an unexpected direction with the growth of technology. Texting and social media activities are important ways of staying connected. With the advancement of smartphone-based messaging apps, texting is simpler and faster than ever. The results of the survey published by Pew Research Center reveal that 91% of teenagers who own cell phones use text messaging as a form of communication.

We should not perceive technology usage as a flaw of today’s teenage generations. It helps them to stay connected to the world and their closest friends. Contemporary education also approves the use of social media as support for team projects. It’s simpler for students to work in a group when they are constantly connected through their smartphones.

American teenagers use social media and technology as the main methods for communication, but they also use them for obtaining the information they need. Thus, the entire educational process is gaining a new dimension thanks to these shifts in students’ habits.