Top 2 Things You Need To Know About Rock Band 4 On PC

Top 2 Things You Need To Know About Rock Band 4 On PC Clapway

Gamers across the world who have been wanting to play Rock Band 4 on their PC may get their wish after all. Rock Band 4 was released in the fourth quarter of 2015, October 6th to be exact, but only for the PS4 and the Xbox One. This is great for those gamers, but this doesn’t mean much for PC gamers. However, it seems like the game developers have finally started listening to the fans as they are seriously considering releasing the game on PC. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the two most important things about this crowdfunding campaign.


With news this big you knew there had to be a catch, right? In order to see Rock Band 4 on PC, gamers across the world are going to have to raise $1.5 million. Not only this but it has to be done by April 5th, or the deal is off. No matter how much gamers want to see this game on PC, $1.5 million is a ridiculous amount of money to raise. However, if they can do it the company said they would release the PC version of Rock Band 4 on Steam near the end of 2016.


If gamers across the world can come up with this money, then they will receive a huge reward. Although Rock Band 4 will have the same features of the console versions, per reports, there will be an added surprise. The PC version of this game will add 33 brand new songs if the money can be raised. Also, the Rock Band Network will be available, as well as the Steam Workshop. None of this will happen, though, if the appropriate amount of money is not reached. This is going to take a huge effort from everybody around the world, but it can be done.