Yelp Glass Door is Dirty, While Google Remains Clean and Transparent

Yelp Glass Door is Dirty, While Google Remains Clean and Transparent Clapway

Usually, people use Yelp to complain about other business on the internet. The tables have flipped, however, as a former employee took to the web to complain about the company. The remark is just one of many in regards to their work culture. Perhaps they should take a page out of Google’s squeaky, clean employee satisfaction book.


Employee treatment has been pretty average at Yelp for quite some time. Any research on will teach you that. Thanks to Talia Jane, however, this negative treatment has gone viral. The 25-year-old- employee, or ex-employee now, stormed the gates of the internet to vent her little millennial mind. in an open letter to the Yelp’s CEO, Jane raged about her meager $12-per-hour-salary. Living in San Francisco is just not possible on that amount and Jane expressed how she lived off rice and slept under blankets. Oh, the horror.


Yeah, Talia Jane is probably buying ancient, sprouted grain rice from Whole Foods that cost $20/oz. Also, sleeping under blankets for warmth doesn’t really seem that bad. People do it every day. Does she sound like a spoiled 25-year-old girl who thought she’d be rolling in dough at that age? A little. Still, just because she is an extremely easy target that doesn’t mean she didn’t bring up a good point. Yelp is dirty. She thinks so and hundreds of her coworkers do as well. With Google making constant headlines about their company culture, it’s only fair for someone to speak their mind when upset. Talia Jane should have gone about it in a different matter, that much is true. At least, she got the topic out in the open. Startups should realize they need to pay their employees a certain amount to live in San Francisco. Either that or move out. On the other hand, before Talia got that job, she could have done some homework.


Amongst scandals of their San Francisco brothers, Google remains the beacon of hope. Employees love working there. Just a quick scan on Google’s Glassdoor page proves it. Workers rave about free lunch and overtime dinner. Stock options and grants. An intelligent, friendly atmosphere that knows how to promote a healthy work-life balance. That’s just the tip. Google has long been a company to model oneself after. Success doesn’t need to come from slavery. If you are a slave, though, don’t bitch about it online. That’s what HR is for.