Youtube Created its Own Twitch

Youtube Created its Own Twitch Clapway

Big e-commerce bully Amazon may have stole Twitch away from Google in a bidding war, but that is not stopping them from making their own version. Amongst a wealth of new apps launched, YouTube introduces a new game streaming network. At the moment, it’s available in a few countries like the U.S and U.K with many more on the way.


YouTube announced that their new game streaming service will be available to four new countries. Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. Users can access it across iOS, Android and desktop platforms. But wait, there’s more! In addition to this announcement, YouTube is introducing some updates. Android users will now be getting DVR mode, 60 fps playback and the ability to choose stream quality. Desktop users get a nifty redesign. Gone are the sidebars on the homepage, replaced with a”Live” tab that will take you to live streams. Twitch is but a distant memory now.


The short answer is yes. YouTube is a pretty large video sharing website for those that didn’t know. They know what works and what doesn’t work. Seeing the success of other services, they went their own way with it. With “Gaming” players are able to make money from their streams. Just like a blog or video, Google’s Adsense comes into play. Gamers can use Adsense to earn cash while streaming their game. Twitch has some other methods to do this. Gamers can sell-t-shirts and apparel. For anyone that’s ever been in a band, good luck with that Twitch.


With YouTube Gaming seemingly dominating the markets, Twitch has rolled out Chat Replay. This will allow gamers to look at recorded streams from the past and actively chat with other users. Essentially their competitor already had this, but this is just one of several upgrades we are seeing in the live gaming competition. All contenders would be wise to step up their game, as the live stream is becoming increasingly popular. According to  research, over 470 million gamers watch online games. With numbers only looking to increase, it seems logical to want a big piece of that profit.