HondaJet to be the Next El Chapo Toy?

HondaJet to be the Next El Chapo Toy Clapway

Honda Aircraft Company has just announced that HondaJet will get certification from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in Mexico. The jet is famous for being the world’s most advanced light jet and will make its debut in Mexico at the 2016 Aero Expo. This is considered a huge deal for Honda Aircraft company in the Mexico. They may not be the only one’s excited. Look out for toy happy drug lord El Chapo to get his hands on one of these bad boys soon enough.


The premise of HondaJet entering Mexico is to provide service, sales and support for interested customers in Mexico. Seeing as they partnered with Aerolineas Ejecutivas, the largest  aviation company in Mexico, they should have no problem doing that. Aerolineas has been a big player in the industry since they first formed and now they seek to bring some young blood into their operation. President Arturo Ortega Olive noted that there are all kinds of business opportunities available now that Honda is in Mexico. He didn’t exactly say “cocaine delivery” but one can’t help but think of the implication.


The HondaJet is the highest flying, fastest, quietest and most energy-efficient plane in its class. Seems awfully good for silently avoiding capture from the U.S Airforce. Besides its top of the line technological innovations, the jet has some other key features. The cabin is said to be the roomiest in its class as well as containing the largest baggage capacity. Essentially, you can fit a lot of kilos…I mean businessmen…in this thing. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get the attention of drug lord El Chapo.


We are already aware of El Chapo and his flair for gear. He was already caught toting a gun that had roots from the Fast and Furious movie. Like many drug lords of the past El Chapo likes to live fast and spend ridiculous amounts of money doing it. Getting his hands on the HondaJet would seem like the exact move he would make. Not only would it compliment his playboy nature, but he could probably use it’s supreme qualities to his advantage. To the normal man, this would seem a bit obvious, but one must think like El Chapo thinks. These guys are rock stars. They grew up watching Scarface and Zorro. The Central American’s are a passionate bunch, and they like to show it. Just keep and eye on the HondaJet.