Apple Watch: Health Benefits That Could Save Your Life

Apple Watch: Health Benefits That Could Save Your Life Clapway

The Apple Watch is probably something most people already want. Its sleek design makes it a hip fashion statement, and its functionality is enough to even please the jaded techy. A man in Canada, however, likes his watch for a different reason. It saved his life.


62-year-old construction worker Dennis Anselmo was coming back from lunch on a warm summer day last August when he began to notice something was up. Perhaps he ate put a bit too much maple syrup on his Canadian bacon, but that was nothing unusual. After a few minutes of labor, Anselmo had to take a seat, describing the painful, flu-like symptoms. In the meantime, he began playing with his Apple Watch that he just purchased. The device notified him of his rather abnormal pulse and Dennis sought professional help immediately.


Stories like Dennis Anselmo’s are exactly what Apple designed these features for. Hopefully, they will continue to work as planned. Health monitoring features on wearables are one of the main reasons they have become so popular. They will not only help us save lives, but help us stay fit and aware.

Newer versions of the Apple Watch will have even more impressive health functions. The device will soon be able to tell if we’re having a stroke. This is due to a first of its kind device called Kardia. Kardia can detect atrial fibrillation, which is a leading cause of strokes. This will instantly alert the wearer with the intent of getting them to proper care.


In addition to the Kardia band, users will be able to take and record an ECG analysis by the press of a button. The data is read on the spot and any problems are detected immediately. From there, the Apple Watch can send results right to the users doctor of choice. Another feature will be the addition of voice notes along with the readings. This can help give the doctor some more information regarding the data so they can dictate whether it is serious or not. The AliveCor Kardia band is set to make its Apple Watch debut soon. Hopefully, this will pave the way for a plethora of live-saving technology to do the same.