iPhone News: Social Media Umbrella With A Portable Weather Station

iPhone News: Social Media Umbrella With A Portable Weather Station Clapway

We’ve all been there. Sitting outside on perfectly sunny day, perusing through Instagram on our iPhone. Suddenly, a drop of rain hits the screen. The touch function goes all wonky as you scramble to your feet. A downfall of razor sharp liquid envelopes your once serene spot of relaxation and you go home soaked and defeated. If only we had some kind of social-media umbrella to warn us.


Oombrella is its name and not only is it stylish, but it’s functional in more ways than you would think. This social media umbrella alerts you before it rains and will send you a notification  if you leave it behind (are you taking notes iPhone?). All too often, we run into that scenario where we regret the lack of an umbrella. Sometimes it’s pure forgetfulness, while other times, it simply seems nice outside. Weather is a fickle friend though and can screw us over from time to time. Oombrella will help combat that with its hyper-local weather data and tracking. No longer will you have an excuse to be ill prepared. Preparation is sexy and so is this umbrella.


You’ve probably never put much thought into the style of your umbrella experience, but that was before Oombrella entered your life. Choose between shiny, white or classic black to get an umbrella that fits your personality. You can even be picky about what size you want, jus remembers not to open it indoors. This umbrella wouldn’t be worth talking about if it just stopped rain, no, it’s much more than that. As a social media umbrella, you can track all your activity and share it with friends. Using sensors built into the handle, air pressure, temperature, humidity and light are all picked up and turned into data notification.


Using the platform wezzoo, Oombrella is real-time weather service combined with social media. An iPhone may surf the web, but it won’t bee you dry. Users will have a definitive voice in sharing their weather experience with the world. Instead of using your to track down your friends and tell them it’s raining, the social media Oombrella will share live data with the wezzoo community.

The app can be downloaded for iPhone and works in notification mode. Use your iPhone to access all your weather stats, browse global usage history and see all other Oombrella community members in your neighborhood. That’s right, you can find a stranger in the rain and strike up a conservation about the awesome umbrella you both have. Instant friend, and a real one at that (unlike other social media platforms). I think the case has been strongly built. Don’t get caught in the rain without an Oombrella.