The Coolest Starbucks Coffee Warmer is Now For Sale

The Coolest Starbucks Coffee Warmer is Now For Sale Clapway

Cold coffee is far from cool, but a cool coffee is certainly hot. That hot barista at Starbucks, however, is far from cool. She delivered a lukewarm coffee to you and now you’re doing everything in your power to keep your hot temper chill. The walk to work is long and dark. Surely your coffee will have lost its spunk by then. A thermos won’t cut it. You need something a bit more advanced.


Waiting in line at a crowded Starbucks with yoga girls frantically ordering their ” triple roasted, soy frothed, orange lime, mochaccino” is painful enough. What makes it all worth is that first sip of warmth that flows through the essence of your body. It’s truly one of life’s most beautiful experiences, but unfortunately, one that is over far too quickly. LAVACLIP helps you prolong that experience by keeping your Starbucks coffee or any coffee for that matter, warm and fresh.


This is not just a glorified thermos. It’s a revolutionary technology that will re-define coffee culture as we know it. Its innovative design allows it to attach to the bottom of most paper cups and heat your beverage using rechargeable batteries. Its light weight will barely be noticed on the bottom of a Starbucks coffee cup. The satisfying warmth, though, will certainly be appreciated. Studies show that coffee taste is ideal at a certain temperature. LAVACLIP makes sure that temperature is reached and maintained. When the batteries are done, simply plug the LAVACLIP into any standard USB outlet.


The majority of beverage warmers are just an exaggerated hot plate. These aren’t fit for Starbucks paper cups. In an increasingly mobile society, more people want to enjoy their coffee on the go. The minimal and smart design of the LAVACLIP allows for its presence to go without notice. At only 3” tall the device can fit easily in a purse, backpack or carry-on. Fit it on your desk or even in your pocket. On top of that, it even comes in a variety of colors to suit your coffee personality. Don’t be plagued by the unnecessity of cold coffee. As we now know, cold coffee just isn’t cool. Unless it’s Vietnamese iced coffee. That stuff is actually really good.