Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Plays Minecraft

What are the few Business Trends you Need to Look out for in 2017? Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Plays Minecraft Clapway

As if Minecraft wasn’t already popular enough, it is now being used to help artificial intelligence. Well, at least, a mod of the game by Microsoft is going to. Katja Hofmann and her team of colleagues at Microsoft have created a platform called AIX, which is a mod of Minecraft. The company intends for this system to help artificial intelligence agents have a better understanding of general intelligence.


For those of you who are not aware, artificial intelligence is rapidly growing and has improved leaps and bounds of the years. However, as researchers across the globe have mentioned, artificial intelligence still needs to work on general intelligence. You can think of this kind of intelligence as the complex way humans learn and the way that we, as people, make decisions.

Well, now with this Minecraft mod Microsoft hopes to improve that. The cool part is this system has a lot of flexibility as researchers can use any programming language they want, as well as choosing whether to run it on Mac, Linux, or Windows.


As mentioned earlier, Katja Hofmann and her colleagues developed this system. Well, she decided to speak out about why she felt Minecraft would be a perfect choice to help artificial intelligence. Due to the fact that the world of Minecraft is very open, she said, it is a perfect platform for their intended research. She then mentions how in the game you can do courses, survival mode, implement your own games, and more.

A really exciting part about this, she continues to say, is that this will allow them to create games that will stretch beyond the current abilities of artificial intelligence. A lot of credit needs to go to Microsoft for doing this because this type of technology needs to continue to improve.