Nissan Leaf is Surely Ahead of Tesla Model 3

Nissan Leaf is Surely Ahead of Tesla Model 3 Clapway

Nissan Leaf needs to step up their game if they want to compete with the Tesla Model 3. The latter of the two outsold Nissan worldwide last year with their Model S. The new 2017 Leaf may just be the answer to this dilemma. Its new features offer some promising aspects that will give competitors something to worry about.


Functionality isn’t really a problem for the 2017 Nissan leaf. It’s been reported that its range is over 200 miles on a single 60kWh battery charge. Unfortunately, in our society, we care about looks. If we didn’t, the majority of those no-talent clowns we call celebrities certainly wouldn’t be where they are. Anyway, the Nissan Leaf has always struggled with sex appeal. Compared to the Tesla Model 3, it’s Bernie Sanders compared to Charlize Theron. However, if the Nissan IDS Concept is anything to look forward too, we can expect a blazing hot Nissan Leaf that will turn some heads.


Unlike the Model S, the Tesla Model 3 will be the perfect size in order to appropriately compete with the Nissan Leaf. The challenge is expected to be tough for the Leaf. The Tesla Model 3 is introducing a  new Autopilot system that will receive software updates along the way. In terms of looks, its safe to say there will be no issues in that department , however, it will be toned down from it’s flashier cousin the Model S.


There is no debate that the race between the Leaf and Tesla Model 3 won’t be a close one. Both will be getting 200-300 miles of range on a single charge, will have stunning physical features and their similar size make them widely marketable to a varied consumer base. Tha being said, Nissan has the upper hand in one category, and it’s a big one. Price, of course, is something everyone thinks about. The Leaf will be a great deal cheaper than it’s competitor. To some, that alone makes it worthy of lower status, but to millions more, a car that functions this well at a reasonable price will make it there number one choice. Expect Leaf sales to show some promising improvements in 2016 as they prove to the world that affordable functionality is possible.