Hitman is a Strange Experiment: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Game Clapway

Hitman is a Strange Experiment: 5 Things You Didn't Know About The Game Clapway

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games that has the lowest house edge. In that sense, it’s more player-oriented than other games — poker, for example. Naturally, if you want to boost your bankroll by playing blackjack, you should know the game.

Unlike online slots that require little to no skill, blackjack is a table game that requires some knowledge and skill. Of course, if you’re a beginner, we can’t expect you to have your own strategy developed. That comes with experience.

Below is everything you need to know about winning live blackjack strategy.

Play the Basic Blackjack Strategy

You should definitely memorize the right way to stand, hit, double down, or split. This alone will cut down the house edge from 1 or 2% to 0.5%, which can help you win significantly. Remember, this is not a guessing game where you win if you’re lucky.

Therefore, you should learn to split 8s and aces, double or hit aces–6, never stand on your soft 17, hit when a dealer has 7–ace and you have 12–16, and so on. What can additionally help you is using strategy charts. They are completely legal, and you can consult them at any moment to make sure you’re making the right decision. With these charts, you can avoid making costly mistakes.

Start Small

Don’t go all out when you start a new game of blackjack — feel out the game first, plan your strategy when you’ve been dealt the cards, and don’t wager too much money. Even if you’ve been on a winning streak, it won’t last forever.

Set Your Limits and Stick to Them

This is crucial when it comes to playing any casino game, and not only blackjack. Before starting a game, you should always set a cap of how much you’re prepared to lose. This doesn’t mean you will limit your potential of winning. If you notice you’re on the losing side often, move onto another game, or simply stop playing.

Even if you’ve won previous games, it’s okay to stop, because you can avoid losing it all in the future.

Avoid Insurance

Everyone knows that insurance is a sucker bet. Avoid making this bet no matter how much you’ve wagered on your hand. Essentially, this means making a new bet with more money based on guessing whether the dealer has blackjack or not.

If you bet on insurance, you should know that the house edge in this case climbs up to 6%, which is a lot more than making any other type of wager.

Don’t Start Playing If You Believe You Must Win

Even some of the best blackjack players in the world say it’s not easy to win at blackjack. If you’ve been losing and you believe you’re due for a win, never wager more money. There is absolutely no guarantee you will win. The cards can’t really tell you’ve been losing and decide to be merciful to you. Avoid putting higher stakes, because you risk losing it all.

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