NASA Was Able to Capture ‘Alien World’

NASA Was Able to Capture Alien World’ Clapway

Known as a potential “Alien World”, detailed images of Ceres was captured from NASA’s Dawn mission. The images are the most detailed images yet of the Occator Crater and the dwarf planet’s bright spots.


The Occator Crater is 57 miles across, 2.5 miles deep and potentially teeming with alien life. Well, that’s a slight exaggeration but the conditions of the crater suggest water-bearing material may be exposed. The newest images were taken 240 miles above the surface of Ceres. They show a dome-like a feature with cracks along the tops and sides. In the center sits a mysterious bright pit with smooth walls. This location is the only place on Ceres where water has been found so far.


The high-resolution photos have shown some light that was previously hidden on Ceres, but NASA is still baffled about their new findings. They are still trying to figure out what kind shaped this unique plant. Was it water? An alien object? Perhaps both. At the moment. NASA is comparing Ceres with that of Vesta. This will hopefully give them some new information about how the solar system was found. Even if they don’t, this mission is already considered a success. NASA’s Dawn Spacecraft made history has the first mission to ever reach a dwarf planet and the first to orbit two unique alien targets. Dawn then entered the orbit of Ceres last year and has since grabbed the attention of NASA scientists and space enthusiasts. The agency is so baffled by their finding that they have even called upon civilians for help on the matter.


In response to the agency’s plea for help a scientist and his team of colleagues offered an explanation. They documented 130 different spots on Ceres, all ranging in brightness. They found the weird areas of brightness are consistent with that of magnesium sulfate. On Earth, this is very common. The findings suggest Ceres is the first large object in the asteroid belt that shows has some comet-like activity and may have the presence of water within its confines. As water like this continues to show up all over the solar system, alien life is hardly a conspiracy anymore.