Tesla Goes Cheap: Best Deals For Model 3

Tesla Goes Cheap: Best Deals For Model 3 Clapway

The call for a more affordable Tesla has been sung and Elon Musk heard the cries loud and clear. The result is the astonishingly modest, but delightfully impressive Model 3. After several years of offering sustainable, but unobtainable cars for many, an affordable version will be unleashed upon the masses this month. Don’t go jumping on the bandwagon just yet. There are a few key points to take note of.


Last February, Elon Music offered a targeted price of $35,000 during an interview. Keeping his word, the Tesla Model 3 comes in at just that amount before incentives. Of these incentives, there is the federal income tax credit. That’s right, Uncle Same will give you $7,500 just for driving a sweet car. In addition to that, progressive states like Colorado and California will pay out $6,000 and $2,500 respectively. Considering the nature of those two places, one can certainly imagine what the extra funds will go toward. To get your hands on a Tesla Model 3, a certain amount will have to be put down for reservation. On the Tesla website, you will find a chart for such information.


Ah yes. The long awaited specs. Unfortunately at this time, Tesla is keeping the Model 3 specs rather private. They seem to be confident enough in their product that people will preorder it anyway. There are reports that are saying the Model 3 will have fewer features than previous models, but if someone wants to spend the mone,y they can opt for specs on the higher end. If you simply can’t wait to hear what this car has in store, it won’t be long. March 31st is the expected date for the specs to be released.


There are all kinds of rumors and leaked pictures mulling around the internet at this time. Reports have shown that these are all face. No one actually knows that this model will look like except for a couple of images Bloomberg shared regarding the invitation. March 31st people. That is the day to look forward too. If you’re in the U.S and ready to put down a reservation, get $1,000 ready because that’s the minimum. Don’t worry, it’s refundable in case your better half talks you out of such a purchase. If they do, you should probably consider leaving them cause this car is legit.