Chrome to Help Gmail Become As Spammy as Outlook

Chrome to Help Gmail Become As Spammy as Outlook Clapway

Microsoft Outlook has always paled in comparison to other email clients, but no one will argue how effective it is at spamming people. Its built-in mail merge function makes it very easy to send the same email access to multiple people while also personalizing it. Inspired by that possibility, Google Chrome has added a new extension to bring the power of spam to Gmail.


Mail merge is really just a fancy way of saying spam, but whatever you call it, Gmail is about to get really good at it. A mail merge works by importing spreadsheets and then inputting data from a cell to fill in certain parts of an email. These portions can be changed for different recipients, giving the email a personalized touch without the extra work. Outlook has this feature built in, but Gmail now has a Chrome extension to do the dirty work. Here’s how it works.


Once you’ve downloaded the extension its simply a matter of creating a spreadsheet in Google Drive. In the Mail Merge and Scheduler add-on you can create a merge template making an ordinary spreading into a fancy mail merge spreadsheet layout. If you’re old fashioned, you can enter the data manually but where’s the fun in that? Chrome gives you the option to import all your information from Gmail Contacts.  Once everything is organized just the way you like it, click Configure Mail Merge. A new window will pop up that will allow you to select different options, like filling in your own name, adding cc’s and bcc’s and choosing various templates. From there, it’s just a few clicks away from unleashing your Gmail spam on a horde of unsuspecting citizens.


Besides Chrome, other Google products are seeing some email upgrades. To compete with Outlook on the mobile front, Google introduced two features for their mail app on Android. Rich text formatting now allows users to add bold, italic, colored, underlined and highlighted text to their email from the app. No longer will your sarcasm get lost in translation as you can now easily put the wrong em-phasis on the wrong sy-llable. Additionally, Google released a tool called Gmailify. This is not a Chrome extension, but a new feature that will help you like Outlook or any other existing email accounts to Google’s email client. This gives users access to all the best parts of Google without having to ditch their email address. Why you’d want to keep Outlook is beyond me, but at least now there is an option.