Microsoft Xbox to Team Up with PS4 and PC

Microsoft Xbox to Team Up with PS4 and PC Clapway

Earlier this week, Microsoft released a statement saying they will allow Xbox users to play against PS4 and PC gamers. Already, the platform is being opened to developers looking to support cross-network play and Sony has even expressed an open mind towards the idea.


Cross platform support isn’t new for Sony. Back in 2002, fans saw several PC titles get support on both PS2 and PC. Now, they have opened up that conversation to get Microsoft Xbox in on the fun. Any publishers or developers interested in cross platform play are welcome to offer their thoughts and opinions says Sony. While this response didn’t exactly say they want to work with Microsoft, it’s clear they will, at least, hear out any ideas to create a Xbox vs. PS4 scenario.


The dream of Xbox gamers going head to head with PS4 gamers is still just a wild dream. Neither Sony or Microsoft has really confirmed anything but some think their efforts to stay silent is a way of encouraging. Until E3 in June, Sony and Microsoft will let this idea grow on its own. Frankly, it’s a strategic move. Instead of forcing PC, Xbox and PS4 cooperation onto the legion of gamers, some things are best left to the imagination. At the moment, only one game, Rocket League, is suggested to have cross-network play with more rumored down the line.


Cross-platform compatibility is a beautiful idea in theory, but will it actually work? The difference in gameplay between consoles and a PC could make for some odd conflicts. For example, when playing a shooter on a computer, moving a character around is done much quicker and more efficiently. However, on a console even just turning your character around can take forever due to the controllers lack of sensitivity. This could create some unfair advantages. It’s vastly easier to just click a button on a mouse then to wield a joystick on the PS4. Ultimately, it will have to be up to developers to even out the playing field if we will ever get a true, equal cross-platform experience.