Apple TV is Hacked by Chinese Hackers; Is Roku Next?

Apple TV is Hacked by Chinese Hackers; Is Roku Next? Clapway
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Seeing how China has some of most strict internet censorship around, it makes sense that the country produces some world-class hackers. The infamous Pangu Team has once again proven their skill by jailbreaking Apple TV. Will Roku be their next target?


The group of Chinese developers known as the Pangu Team is most known for jailbreaking some of the best iOS programs. The latest release from the group has a tool specifically designed for bypassing tvOS 9.0 and tvOS 9.0.1 for the Apple TV 4. What does this mean exactly? Jailbreaking allows Apple TV owners to watch movies and TV shows that usually aren’t available through iTunes. People will not have access to other channels and streaming services like Amazon, Hulu, ESPN, NBA, PBS, MTV, ABC and more. Visit the Pangu website to get this jailbreak too.


Keep this on the hush-hush, but jailbreaking your Apple TV is a pretty simple process. All you need are a few key items. First of all, you should have the latest tvOS 9.0 or 9.0.1. From there grab your handy USB-C cable, and Xcode, a Mac Computer, iOS App Signer and the jailbreak tool from Pangu’s website. Also according to Pangu, you must have a paid Apple Developer membership to use their tool. From there, you can look up a step-by-step guide on jailbreaking your Apple TV on the Pangu website. Considering how simple the instructions work, it’s safe to say other services like Roku can be jailbroken just as easily.


Jailbreaking Roku hasn’t exactly become common place yet. Since Roku is already known to have a healthy collection of channels, that’s fine. What many don’t know is that there is a decent selection of hidden channels one won’t find in the channel store. The best part about accessing these channels is that no illegal jailbreaking of any kind will need to be done. They are part of the channel store but hidden from the public, so it takes some hard searching. A secret code or link is needed, of which there are hundreds. A quick Google search will give you access to these codes and all kinds of wonderful content now compatible with Roku. Keep in mind, many of these channels are in beta form or developed by third parties so bugs are possible. Still, a small price to pay for a wealth of free entertainment.