Chinese Government to Control Facebook

Chinese Government to Control Facebook Clapway

As a communist country, let’s just say China has some control issues. Mark Zuckerberg has been trying to get his social network into the country for quite some time now without much success. His most recent endeavor may have proven fruitful. Facebook may just be able to bypass the thick Chinese communist walls, but the government has some demands.


The ever so charming Zuckerberg has turned on his persuasive volume to eleven when meeting with China’s Minister of Propaganda. Foreign business owners usually try to avoid meetings like that, but Facebook has proven their confidence. In the meeting, Zuckerberg expressed his goal to Bring Facebook to China. The social network has been blocked over there since 2009. Adding it would create millions of new users and open the floodgates for all kinds of new advertising. It’s an understandable pipe dream, but the Chinese government wants more than just money to bring this into their kingdom.


If Facebook were to exist anywhere in the Chinese realm, it would hardly look anything like it does in the U.S. The Chinese government is notorious for having an iron grip on internet freedom and this is only getting stronger. VPN use, government criticism, journalism and other online sources of opinion were once tolerated but are now strictly forbidden. Seeing as Facebook isn’t exactly known for its political correctness, the government sees same major issues. The only way they would allow this disease into their country is with a highly controlled, stripped down and censored social network. Zuckerberg can charm all he wants, but he will certainly have to play ball with the Chinese on their home turf.


In the western world, a strong debate is going on in regards to having access to stored data. Communist countries, however, don’t need to waste time with such silly arguments. Officials in China has made it very clear they will store all data from the social network on site. In addition to that, they will have access to the information of Chineses citizens whenever they want, no questions asked. In addition to that, Zuckerberg will be forced to partner with a local company and adhere to the great firewall of China if he wants any chance of their business. This would make the social network a shell of its former self and violate all kinds of moral standard in the U.S. That being said money talks.