From Shots to Slots – Apps you Should Add

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Whenever you get a new phone or tablet, you start the seemingly endless search for the best apps on the market. After adding the obvious apps that every smartphone or tablet needs – from social media to news, maps to gaming – you’re still left scrolling through the countless pages of options looking for some of those apps you might not have previously thought you needed.

So, before you go thinking you have all the apps you could possibly need, here are a few you really should think about exploring.

Social Networking

As well as the major players in the social media world such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, there are some other popular platforms that have been establishing themselves in the market. Shots is one of those new kids on the block, aimed at reducing cyber bullying by not featuring comment sections of posting follower numbers, allowing you to post and share freely without unofficially entering a popularity contest. With the backing of a host of celebrities, most notably Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather, it could be that Shots and other new networks such as Yik Yak and Kik soon overtake the traditional big players as the most popular social media sites.


The birth of apps has played a major role in the massive spike in numbers of people visiting online casinos. 32Red online casino is one of those apps that allows users to play games on their smartphone or tablet from wherever they are, whether it’s traditional games such as roulette or blackjack or one of the huge selection of video slot games now available. People don’t want to have to physically visit a casino to be able to play their favourite games, and with the likes of 32Red and Betway, you don’t have to.


This is another area where apps have really come into their own. From the sourcing and booking of a holiday, to the planning of activities and places to eat, apps allow tourists take complete control over their trip. Starting off with or Skyscanner to compare flights and hotels, Tripadvisor is a fantastic app that ensures your hotel room with an ocean view isn’t in fact a broom closet with a view of a skip. And if you need to know the latest currency rates, guess what, there are plenty of apps for that as well.


There is a theory that the best games available for smartphones have to be paid for. That is a complete myth, and there are countless free games that can keep you glued to your phone for an entire cross-continent flight. As well as popular brands from the gaming world such as FIFA and Call of Duty, there are some more simple games that are as playable as they are addictive – in a safe way. Sky Force, Punch Quest and Triple Town are three of the most popular free games on the market, and if you’re looking for simple app to kill a bit of time, this is a great place to start.