Chromecast Audio To Help You Listen to Eminem’s Old Tracks

Chromecast Audio To Help You Listen to Eminem’s Old Tracks Clapway

Many fans of Eminem haven’t slept for days. After the rapper released his old album The Slim Shady LP on cassette, legions of fans wept over the fact that they will not be able to listen to the album. Forget the fact that you can easily purchase the album on a multitude of online platforms. Some just want the full experience. Now, these fans can get what they want and it’s Chromecast that will be giving it to them.


Despite the creation of smartphones, blue tooth and all kinds of wonderful audio devices, some people really don’t to ditch their boombox from 1999. It’s understandable that one may have fond memories walking down their suburban streets blasting Eminem while pissing off their neighbors. Google understands some things have sentimental value, which is why they have Chromecast to help.


Chromecast Audio will help you listen to Eminem on your old boombox  for $69. That’s the cost of the device and it works by plugging into a speaker or stereo so you can “cast” music from there to your phone. Is easy to set up and all you need is the device and a third-party app to access music stored on your phone. It comes with a 3.5 mm plug that fits the majority of units. If it doesn’t, you’ll need an adapter to get the RCA inputs compatible with Chromecast. Once you get the app, just follow the instructions and connect to your wi-fi network.

If your phone is connected to your network, then music can be cast to your stereo. The connection is surprisingly stable. You can bump Eminem all over the house without any interruption in service. The one downside to Chromecast is the ads. There is one way around this, though. Just get a new device. Don’t listen to Eminem and his old ways, step into the future. forego the $69 and get some modern audio device that can play it all. Keep that old boombox if you really want, but get with the times.