Microsoft Helps Onenote To Take Over Evernote

Microsoft Helps Onenote To Take Over Evernote Clapway

Much like with free jazz, sometimes fewer notes are better than more.  In the technological realm, these notes come in the form of Onenote and Evernote. There simply isn’t enough room for both of them to exist successfully. For that, Microsoft is here to clear out a little space.


Evernote users have faced a dilemma in recent years. They’ve been trapped. If they ever wanted to check out something like OneNote, they would be faced with the task of moving the large collection of notes they’ve built up in Evernote. The ambitious powered on but the lazy, well, they’re lazy. Microsoft has decided to help the lazy, though. OneNote has always been a part of their Office suite but it wasn’t until recently that they began offering it for free cross-platform support. No longer is it a Windows exclusive. Users on Mac, Android, iOS and the web can now easily switch for free.


Both Onenote and Evernote essentially do the same thing. Having an organized place to store notes and articles is the main function of the two services. The main difference here is how those are arranged. Microsoft’s version is much more stripped down. There are fewer layers involved, making it feel more like a notebook instead of a boring database. Tabs can be created to help you keeps things more organized and organic. In addition, OneNote has a lot of formatting features that many who know Word and Powerpoint are likely to know, thus making it easy transitions.


For those ready to make the switch from Evernote, Microsoft is making it very easy. They’ve included an official migration tool that scans your computer for any other notebooks. Once they located it, Microsft will import them to a location of your choice. Unfortunately, for the time being, you will need a PC running Windows 7 or later. There are no mobile or Mac versions of the migration tool, but that very well could change in the coming months. Until then, Microsoft will continue to cast its net and raking in new users one by one.