Microsoft To Buy Yahoo; Will Google Join?

Microsoft To Buy Yahoo; Will Google Join? Clapway

Yahoo has been trying to exist for far too long now and it’s time someone puts them out of their misery. That someone may be coming in the form of Microsoft and that misery may be ending sooner than we think. The task may prove to be a bit difficult, however, which in that case, Google may have to step in for help.


Yahoo has a lot on their plates these days, heck, it seems like they’ve always had a lot on their plates. The struggling internet company has been treading water for years and their head is barely afloat. Amongst layoffs and proxy fights, it seems Yahoo needs a little help. Thankfully, Microsoft may assist them with the drama. The company has reportedly said it wants to help the failing company with financial support. At the moment, Microsft is not entirely interested in buying them outright, but they will help to line up a possible buyer. If Microsoft won’t buy them, who will?


The internet company is asking for $10 billion for its core business. Google certainly has the money, but are they interested in something it is losing so much value? Just eight years ago Microsoft almost obtained Yahoo for $31 a share, or about $45 billion. With something losing that much value in eight years, it doesn’t exactly seem like a smart business move, but Google has been known for some surprises in the past. It’s unlikely that they will buy the whole company, but there are some smaller aspects of the division they could profit from.


Flickr, the popular site for hosted imagery could be an excellent fit for the Cupertino, CA company. Google has been messing around with surfacing Flickr images in search for a while now and they love filtering everything through their search engine. Some would argue that their Photos app is already on par with Flickr and that could very well be true. In that case, Facebook would benefit greatly from Flickr. Essentially, anyone would benefit from Flickr. Whether it’s Microsoft or Google, Yahoo will be in better hands pretty much anywhere than where they are now. They sooner they die off, the better it will be for everyone.