Apple iPhone 7 to be Completely Indestructible

Apple iPhone 7 to be Completely Indestructible Clapway

Everyone has a story about the time they dropped their iPhone, obliterating it into a shattered shell of its once beautiful self. Although many iPhone repair businesses probably enjoyed that aspect, Apple wants to make some changes to their latest creation. The iPhone 7 will be thinner, faster and stronger. Gone are the days of flimsy design because this edition may just be indestructible.


According to analysts, the iPhone 7 will bring about some bodacious changes. Consumers will be excited to see a new curved glass design made from liquid metal. This will make it exactly like the cop from Terminator 2. Ok, well it won’t be anything like that, but liquid metal in any form is pretty cool. This curved “glass” is made from Bulk Amorphous Alloy. To put it simply, it will be a complex fusion of copper, nickel, titanium and the infamous zirconium. Now we just need Wolverine’s Adamantium to really make this thing indestructible.


Just like your Uncle Bruce, Apple made the iPhone 7 tough as nails, but with a smooth side to boot. Rumor has it that the Bulk Amorphous Alloy will have a rubber-like sturdiness but the texture of glass to the touch. Due to this abnormal composition, no one really knows what to classify it as so they’re just calling it “glass”. This liquid metal is lightweight, tough and scratch-resistant and many expect it to be used for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Thanks to 3D printing, this technology is easier to make. Coming in at the slimmest iPhone yet, many are looking forward to seeing just how a device so thin can stand up to some brutal conditions.


While everything else about the new iPhone truly seems indestructible, there is one aspect that may be counting its final days. The beloved home button that we have all grown up with may be terminated by Apple. Now with 3D touch, the home button seems a little obsolete. Without that pesky nonsense in the way, Apple can make room for a bigger screen or a smaller phone. It’s ok, at least, they are keeping the headphone jack. Wait, what’s that you say? Oh yeah, looks like Apple is going to do away with the headphone jack as well as the protruding rear camera and the antenna bands. Deal with it.