Apple News: Backdoor into the iPhone Created

Apple News: Backdoor into the iPhone Created Clapway

Federal news sources announced on Monday that they have finally cracked the iPhone belonging to the San Bernardino shooter. It turns out they had the keys to the door all along and never needed Apple’s help to begin with.


It shouldn’t come as surprising news to anyone that the FBI lied in an attempt to get what they want, but that’s exactly what they did. After making a big fuss with Apple, over iPhone encryption, it turns out they had the power to get in all along. Technically, this kind of serves as a win for both Apple and the FBI. The former held their defense strongly, but the FBI got what they wanted. That being said, the trial outside of the court for the FBI is just beginning.


That is the news question on everybody’s mind. Federal officials have been less than cooperative in answering it. Rumors surrounding the case suggest that a third party candidate offered their services to the FBI in helping to crack the iPhone. At the moment, it isn’t clear whether this was an independent hacker or cyber security firm. The FBI has declined to comment on their detailed steps taken to complete such a task. While the public continues to demand information, some are wondering if the feds will share their solution with Apple.


The good news is that the government didn’t get what they wanted, the bad news is that the government got what they wanted. What does this outcome mean for the future of privacy? If the government didn’t even need Apple’s help to break into an iPhone, why did they cause such a fuss?  It seems they  were testing the waters to get a read of the public’s opinion. Since it blew up in their face, the feds retreated and eventually just got in the iPhone themselves. What’s the point of having these privacy rules set up if the government can just get around them anyway? It seems that everyone was on the same page thinking that building a backdoor into any device was wrong. This case was supposed to dictate the future of such an event, and now with this rather blurry conclusion, the mystery remains.