Justin Bieber’s Butt is 10 Times More Popular on Instagram than Barack Obama

Justin Bieber's Butt is 10 Times More Popular on Instagram than Barack Obama Clapway

Take a seat, and take a large breath of fresh air. You will certainly be sighing a lot in the next few minutes. Like most of us, Justin Bieber has a butt. However, as you all know, putting your butt on Instagram gets around twenty likes, maybe thirty on a good day. Not for the Beebz. The most recent portrayal of his royal bottom not only defied logic, it insulted President Barack Obama.


The fact that Justin Bieber has shots of his butt are one thing. Many of us take butt shots all the time. That’s not the bothersome part. What really seems to grind the gears of many, is that this singer/societal screw up got 2 million likes on Instagram just because of a butt pic and the phrase “Dat ass doe”. It’s almost as if the movie Idiocracy has finally come to life. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama is out there saving national parks and all he gets are a bunch of racist comments and insults. I think Donald Trump might be too late. America will never be great again at this rate.

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If you’re done looking at Justin Bieber’s butt on Instagram now, redirect your focus to President Barack Obama. Say what you will about the man, but according to his latest Instagram picture, Barack Obama has protected more than 265 million acres of land and water. That’s more than any president in history. Not bad. So this should be a moment of celebration right? Not quite. Not only did Obama’s  Instagram picture get a meager 179 thousand likes compared to Justin Bieber’s 2 million, but the comments are reminiscent of some kindergarten level insults. One user even goes as far to say Obama looks like a pinecone. That’s one of the more tame ones. As one might expect, other comments of crippling racism abound, pushing society back a few hundred years.


That is the moral of the story. The world hates Barack Obama, yet they love butts. Justin Bieber’s butt to be specific. It’s an encouraging thought really. As we go about our day, succumbing to the daily grind, keeping our heads down trying to pay the rent, remember that no one cares. You’d think someone might thank you if you hold the door for them, pay their tab or if you donate blood but that’s not the case. The truth is no one will ever care about anything you do more than they care about Bieber’s butt. Think about that one for a while.